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  • You can now book the Patria anthology News-output

    On January 24, 2003, Tom Ridge was sworn in as First Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. In the 20 years that followed, the new department proved chaotic, bizarre, and at times downright cruel: a humiliating catastrophe for the officials it employed, as well as the Americans it policed, rescued, aided, mistreated, or frisked. […]

  • The Best Video Game TV Adaptations, Ranked News-output

    Remember when movie adaptations of video games were universally terrible? That’s a distant memory because, as a culture and a collective, we’ve seized on a solution: TV shows. Ever since a bright spark decided to stop shoehorning 30-hour video games into a rigid three-act structure, adaptations of classic video games have gone from strength to […]

  • Join CNET’s Samsung Unpacked Watch Party as we wait for the Galaxy S23 News-output

    Join CNET’s Samsung Unpacked Watch Party as we wait for the Galaxy S23 – CNET Want CNET to notify you of price drops and the latest news? Our live stream begins at 9 am PT (12 pm ET), with pre-show content, on-the-ground reports, and a post-show recap and discussion. justin estezer Senior Video Producer Prior […]

  • Rode’s first headphones are aimed at creators and gamers. News-output

    Rode only dove into headsets last year, but now it’s ready to introduce its first headset, and this time it’s courting gamers as well as creatives. the NTH-100M it takes the familiar layout of the NTH-100 but adds a detachable condenser microphone. It’s too early to say if the hardware is truly “broadcast grade,” as […]

  • Meta’s 2FA security protections could have been easily disabled News-output

    As late as September 2022, a bug in Meta’s centralized account management system allowed threat actors to remove 2FA Protections for Facebook accounts simply by knowing the phone number attached to an account. according to a medium post (opens in a new tab)(via techcrunch (opens in a new tab)), security researcher Gtm Mänôz found that, […]

  • Metaverse Top 7 Crypto Coins List 2023 News-output

    The Metaverse is a parallel virtual world where we can all exist as digital identities and transact using digital currencies. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a vital role in this emerging ecosystem. This article highlights the top Metaverse crypto currencies: Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight (FGHT), Robot Age (TARO), Calvary (RIA), Tamadoge (TAMA), and others: investors […]

  • Massive Yandex Code Leak Reveals Russian Search Engine Ranking Factors News-output

    Enlarge / The Russian logo of Yandex, the country’s largest search engine and a multi-divisional technology company, inside the company’s headquarters. SOUP Images/Getty Images Nearly 45GB of source code files, allegedly stolen by a former employee, have revealed the underpinnings of Russian tech giant Yandex’s many apps and services. He also revealed key ranking factors […]

  • US military drones and chips banned News-output

    New Report: Generative AI in Industrial Engineering and Design Generative AI has the potential to transform industrial design and engineering, making it more important than ever for the leaders in those industries to stay ahead. That’s why MIT Technology Review has created a new research report that highlights the potential benefits and dangers of this […]

  • Why HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ rewrote Bill and Frank’s love story News-output

    Comment this story Commentary A fortified town in Massachusetts is surrounded by traps, mines, and an electric fence several feet long. Behind all these defenses lives a man in his 40s named Bill. He has been prepared for an apocalypse long before anyone else, filling bunkers with food and armories with powerful weapons. But even […]

  • Safety Tip: Are You Making This Big Wi-Fi Mistake? News-output

    You pay good money for your Internet service, so I understand the frustration of a slow connection. Newsflash: It’s not always your ISP’s fault. These are common Wi-Fi errors. Entertain guests? They’ll want to access your Wi-Fi, but it’s a hassle to repeatedly log in. Get smart technology. Post a QR code around your home […]